Kommunikationsberatung Olaf Pempel | Strategy & Stories



In over 25 years in public relations and marketing communications, I have experienced a lot: I have worked for a wide range of companies and clients in a variety of industries, mastered quite a few challenges and received one or two awards. I was able to learn from the best and shared this knowledge with others. I found myself amid transformation processes and accompanied them. More than 15 years in the management of renowned, international agencies trained my strategic and creative thinking and allowed me to become a trusted advisor. But one thing has always remained the same throughout all these years: the curiosity before the first briefing and what communicative challenges might be linked to it.


since 2021: Strategy and Stories communication consulting Olaf Pempel, Munich and Vienna



Weber Shandwick, Munich

Pleon (now Ketchum), Düsseldorf

Sony Deutschland, Cologne

Profil Marketing, Braunschweig



The corporate world and everyday business life are full of strategies along with the corresponding presentations in which they have been perpetuated. Surprisingly, there are rather few effective communication strategies among them, and this even though the touch points with your customers and the media landscape around you are changing continuously and ever faster. To keep pace and remain successful, you need a holistic understanding of what, how and most importantly, to whom you want to communicate and with what objective.

This is the foundation of your modern corporate and brand communication, and I am happy to help you lay it. In doing so, we not only talk about the what and the why, but also about how you drive change in your communication: with which attitude, which competencies and which resources.




Ask three employees what sets your company or brand apart and you will most likely get three different answers. Likewise, your messages may only vary gradually from those of your competitors or even companies in other industries. In these times when simply everyone is communicating, it is extremely important that your employees, customers, and business partners understand why your company exists and what differentiates it from others.

Let’s work out your story together, underpin it with arguments and bring it to life with possible talking points. Once established, it will make communication much easier for you – and for all those who speak for your company, too.